Behold The Pro-K VTEC-LS... What?

Behold The Pro-K VTEC-LS... What?

A few blog posts ago, we wrote about the VTEC-LS EG Hatch (one of our shop cars). We had just finished up the B16 block with LS head setup. Yes you read that right haha. We have continued to add to this setup in the most One6 way possible. We have successfully installed a K Series Skunk2 Pro Series style intake manifold onto the VTEC-LS. But why...?

It all started about 20 years ago when One6 Mark was trying to find a way to make more usable power in his circle track car. The rules stated that you could use any OEM intake manifold. So Mark decided to try a B Series Type R intake manifold on the LS (B18B1) engine that was in his circle track car. He made it work and the Type R mani on LS became one of many One6 Motorsports innovations (see above photo). 

After learning that you could make different intake manifolds work on different engines, a K Series manifold was the next obvious experiment to try. Mark was able to mount an RBC onto a B20V and then swapped the setup into his EM2. He was a big fan of the RBC on the B Series so to push it even further, he wanted to see if he could circle back to the good ole LS cylinder head and expand upon the K Series manifold on B Series head idea. 

The Skunk2 Pro Series style intake manifold has a larger and more workable throttle body opening for porting, longer runners (now ;) ), more plenum volume and ultimately looks to be a great option for aggressive porting and airflow. This iteration is a proof of concept and will most likely be cut back open, ported, modified and reinstalled in the future. We're stoked to see another out of the box One6 experiment make it's way onto a running and driving chassis.

- John

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