K-Pro B Series EM2 Weekend Trip

K-Pro B Series EM2 Weekend Trip

The EM2 is ready for a weekend trip to the Dells for Automotion Wisconsin (5-17-2024). It's always exciting to see this car cleaned up and getting some road use. 

To reintroduce you guys, this is a 2003 Honda Civic LX EM2 Chassis that has been B20 VTEC swapped and is running on Hondata K-Pro. This setup previously made 237whp (93 octane) and ran an 11.70 when it was installed in Mark's Teal EG hatch. The hatch ended up getting a K Series with dual throttle bodies in the quest to break into the 10's with under 300whp so Mark decided that his EM2 was the perfect car for the B Series setup. 

This B20V is sporting some pretty sweet mods such as the K Series RBC intake manifold, that you may have seen in yesterday's post, and an authentic Toda header. 

The K series Skunk2 Pro Series style intake manifold on the VTEC LS from yesterday's post is mainly being used as proof of concept with the plan to use this style manifold on other (more powerful) engine setups. Potentially on the B20V in the EM2???

Anyway, with Automotion coming up this weekend we figured we'd share the event schedule and wish you guys a great weekend. Drive safe and enjoy the weather!

- John

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