Simplicity is the Solution

Simplicity is the Solution

We're excited to show you our newest fuel rail kit. Before I go into detail I want to give you a bit of backstory.

For years, our B series "tucked" AEM fuel system has been one of our most popular fuel systems. We love the look of the off-rail "Aero" style regulator, but we understand that some customers want a more simplified option. Which is why we created our newest offering.

This setup achieves a very high level of performance while simultaneously reducing the design complexity. The kit features an AEM fuel rail, AEM style regulator with an upgraded E85 compatible diaphragm (pictured below), K-Tuned in-line fuel filter, 6AN feed, and high quality rubber return line. This kit is a direct bolt on and allows you to bypass the stock fuel filter for a clean tucked look. Not to mention, the feed and return lines included in this kit both attach to the regulator side of the rail which allow them to be very short and connect directly to your stock fuel lines/hard lines. 

As for the upgraded diaphragm, we make this diaphragm in house out of a heavy duty rubber like material that is fiber reinforced. This material is not only capable of much higher fuel pressures than stock, but also works with E85. Now if you're thinking to yourself, "Oh sick! But the rest of my fuel lines aren't E85 compatible." Don't worry because we have a solution for that too.

Fee free to send us a message or browse our site to add our 6AN, 8AN, or 10AN E85 compatible PTFE lines to your cart. Message us or give us a call if you have questions about fitment or sizing. 

Don't hesitate to send us your fuel system requests/ideas, we're always down to build cool shit.

- John



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