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PIC (Power In Control) 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra R3 Select Coilovers


  • $1,195.00

Your track car foundation starts here 


Whether you're building a daily driven toy or a performance-focused monster, pic selects provide the ideal platform around which to build out the rest of your suspension components.  from tires and brakes to aero and chassis bracing, your cars handling starts with the right sprinsg and dampers.

  • lightweight and strong 6061 aluminum mounts and locking collars

  • pre-treated japanese steel fully threaded shock bodies provide nearly infinite adjustment and corrosion resistance

  • heat- and chemical-resistant viton seals last longer and perform better over time than standard seals

  • single-grade, high viscocity index (VI) shock oil resists viscosity changes during high stress use

  • linear-rate springs made from cold-wound, shot-peened, pre-treated japanese steel, epoxy coated for durability

    Spring Rates:
    Front - 12K
    Rear - 14K

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