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Hasport Motor Mounts 1996-2000 Civic EKK2 Dual Height K20 K24 Swap


  • $559.95

Hasport Motor Mounts 96-00 Civic EKK2 Dual Height K20 K24 Swap

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This is the second of two performance mount kits for K-series engine swaps into the 96-00 Honda Civic. This mount kit designed to work with an EG/DC rear cross member, lower control arms and steering rack. Using this mount kit the engine is moved back resulting in better axle angle, protection from contact with the ground and better weight distribution. This kit has dual height mounting points so the engine can be mounted for better power steering pump clearance to the hood.

Like All Hasport Mount Kits, it's designed using sophisticated CAD/CAM software. This kit features:

    • -Optimized engine placement for best axle alignment, ground and hood clearance.
-Dual mount height. The engine can be mounted for maximum ground clearance or .75 inches lower for added clearance for PS pump or the taller K24 engine
  • -Designed blending strength and style with a lifetime warranty for worry free use.
  • -Four different bushing durometers for applications ranging from daily driver to 8 second drag car. 
  • -Hasport's superior customer service.

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