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Honda Acura Reusable Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket, Skunk2 Pro Series Thermal Throttle Body Gasket, and Thermal TPS Gasket B/D/H/S2000/F22 VTEC

Valex Racing

  • $45.95

Honda Acura Reusable Thermal Intake Gasket Kit B/D/H/S2000/F22 VTEC

Available for Most Honda Engines:

B18C, B16, B18C5, B18A, B18B, D16, H22A, S2000, F22 VTEC

Honda Acura Reusable Thermal Intake Gasket Full Kit With Hardware comes with:
1 Reusable Thermal intake Manifold Gasket of your Choice
1 Reusable Thermal Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle Body Gasket (70mm, 72mm, 74mm, 90mm)
1 Reusable Thermal Throttle Position Sensor Gasket

Reusable (No more scraping paper gaskets)
Protects Against Heat Soak
Reduces Incoming Air Temperature Before Reaching Cylinder Head
Reduces Heat Transfer Into The Intake Manifold
High Heat Deflection

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