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PLM Tri Y Standard Tube B Series Header for Honda Civic Acura Integra B16 B18

Private Label Mfg.

  • $289.00

PLM Tri Y Standard Tube B Series Header Honda Acura B16 B18

All B-Series Honda/Acura Motors

he header that started it all. This Tri-Y header has been one of our best selling, best performing Honda B-Series header for over 10 years.

PLM Private Label Mfg. B-Series Tri-Y Standard Tube B-Series header features a true step up exhaust header design. The Tri-Y header delivers low to mid range power while utilizing a two-piece slip fit design.

This header is a long tube design that eliminates your catalytic (cat) converter and is ideal for all forms of competition; auto-cross, drag racing and road racing.

PLM Private Label Mfg. recommends using our test pipes for easier installation of B-Series headers. Recommended for 1.6L - 1.9L engine displacement.

This header is compatible with A/C. On some cars you will need to use slim fan and reroute AC line.

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