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Bolt In S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder (OEM) /Slave / Clutch line For 92-00 Honda Civic

Exedy Daikin Clutch

  • $189.95

Bolt In S2000 Master Cylinder (OEM) / Slave Cylinder / Stainless Clutch Line Combo For 92-00 Honda Civic

Parts included:
OEM S2000 Master Cylinder (modified for direct bolt in)
Exedy (Daikin Clutch) Slave Cylinder
Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line
Clutch Line Fittings

1992-2000 Honda Civic (all)
1994-2001 Acura Integra (all)

For sale is an OEM S2000 clutch master cylinder that has been modified with the correct rod and clevis for a direct bolt in to the Honda Civic / Acura Integra combined with an Exedy (Daikin Clutch) slave cylinder, and stainless steel clutch line.  The stainless line is a complete replacement from the master down to the slave to eliminate both the rubber and hard factory lines.

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