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K Swap -6AN Black Fuel Lines for -8AN Regulator with K20 / K24 for Honda Civic Acura Integra EG EK DC

Valex Racing

  • $124.95

Black K Swap -6AN Side Feed Fuel Lines & -8AN Regulator Fittings for K Swap EG EK DC2

This kit comes with all -8 ORB fittings (the side that goes into your fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator) and the other side is all -6 to mate up to the fuel line kit supplied.

Please let us know if you have a different fuel rail or fuel regulator and we can supply you with the correct fittings.

This is a complete fuel line kit to make hooking up your K swap fuel system very easy.  All the lines are pre-assembled and ready to install.  
This kit is designed to go from your OEM fuel filter to your OEM fuel return pipe that came from the factory on your car. The length of the line from the fuel rail to the fuel regulator is so you can mount your fuel regulator on or near the driver side shock tower.  Please, if you have any questions or would like the lines to be a certain length just let us know.
Included in kit:

-Black braided 
-6 Fuel Feed Line (from filter to rail)
-Fitting from the top of your fuel filter to -6
-6 Fuel Line from the drivers side of the fuel rail to the fuel regulator
-4 Fuel Return Line with clamp to attach to your oem fuel return pipe

3 PCS -8 ORB to -6 Male (2 will go to the fuel rail and 1 will go to the fuel regulator)
1 PC -8 Plug ( for the side of the fuel regulator)
1 PC -6orb to -4 Male (this will go from the bottom of the fuel regulator to the fuel return pipe)

***ENGINE, Fuel rail, regulator, fuel filter NOT INCLUDED, shown for reference only***

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