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K Tuned Adjustable Pulley Kit for Honda Civic Si EP3

K Tuned Adjustable Pulley Kit for Honda Civic Si EP3

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Options available for K20 and K24 Engines with auto tensioner. Does not fit K24Z3

The K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit, the latest addition to our expanding range of high-quality parts. Developed by K-Tuned to address belt adjustment issues in K-series engines, this innovative product has undergone extensive testing and proven itself in race conditions with over 1000 WHP. Designed for all K24 engines equipped with Auto Tensioner, this kit offers a practical solution for maintaining optimal belt tension.

One common problem encountered by users of the OEM Honda EP3 Idler pulley was the lack of adjustability, resulting in either over-tightened or loose accessory belts. The K-Tuned EP3 Pulley kit resolves this issue by providing manual adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune the length of the accessory belt for ideal tension. This becomes particularly valuable over time as the belt naturally stretches. Additionally, the adjustability of this kit proves beneficial for K24/K20 engine combinations, which often involve mixing various parts.

Unlike our popular A/C & P/S Eliminator Pulley Kit, which relocates the alternator but removes the A/C system, the K-Tuned EP3 Pulley kit offers the flexibility to retain the A/C if desired. By default, the kit is sold with the appropriate length belt for A/C deletion. Compatible with all K20 and K24 engines, this kit strikes the perfect balance between functionality and affordability, ensuring it doesn't strain your budget.

Upgrade your K-series engine's accessory belt adjustment with the K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 Pulley Kit. Experience enhanced performance, reliability, and convenience with this meticulously engineered solution.

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