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K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit For All K20 and K24 Engines

K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit For All K20 and K24 Engines

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The K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit for K20 and K24 engines. This kit is designed by K Tuned with the utmost precision, featuring a new black anodized finish, a robust 7-rib belt system, and meticulously crafted billet aluminum parts.

The K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit is now in its third revision, with several enhancements that further elevate its performance. Unlike imitation designs on the market, the kit stands out for its dual pulley configuration, ensuring impeccable belt alignment and stability. Furthermore, while other options incorporate cheaper plastic components, the K Tuned kit is constructed from durable billet aluminum for maximum reliability.

K Tuned aimed to make our kit universally compatible and aligned with OEM standards by integrating a 7-rib belt system. In the past, we encountered difficulties in finding the required belt size from accessory belt manufacturers. To resolve this issue, K Tuned took the initiative to have a custom-length 7-rib belt manufactured specifically for this kit. This breakthrough allows this kit to be truly universal, catering to K20 and K24 engine configurations without any fitment concerns.

The K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit streamlines your engine setup by removing the A/C, P/S, and factory belt tensioner. The alternator is relocated to the original A/C position, creating additional clearance even in the most compact K-swap chassis. This feature proves particularly advantageous for EF K-swaps as it provides much-needed headlight clearance. For further versatility, the mounting tab previously used for the original tensioner can be trimmed off, facilitating easy installation of ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies) and custom intake manifolds.

Experience the exceptional performance and versatility of the K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit. Upgrade your K-series engine with this meticulously engineered solution, trusted by enthusiasts worldwide.

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