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K-tuned Side Mount Pullet Kit For Honda Acura K20 and K24 Engines

Valex Racing

  • $209.95


  • K20A/A2/Z1/Z3
  • All K24A Series Engines


  • Anodized black finish for a sleek appearance
  • Provides approximately 2 inches of additional clearance next to the intake manifold
  • Compatible with Rotrex Supercharger Kits


  • The K24 Bracket is designed based on the CR-V bracket (11910-PPA-000) and is only suitable for similar applications listed
  • Works with most K24-swapped vehicles, including RSX
  • Not compatible with Accord, TSX, and Elements
  • Does not fit specific chassis models with unique stock engine mount setups (2006-2011 8G Civic SI chassis, 2012-2015 9G Civic SI chassis)


  • The K-Tuned Side Mount Pulley Kit combines the 2-Bolt side engine mount on the timing chain case with two adjustable pulleys

  • The kit creates a compact and robust mount/pulley combination, freeing up valuable engine bay space

  • Both pulleys are adjustable, with the black pulley offering three mounting positions and the top black pulley sliding along the bracket

  • Requires power steering delete or relocation in certain vehicles (such as pump-driven applications like the RSX)

  • Factory alternator remains in its original position, while the factory auto tensioner and idler pulley are removed for installation

  • Provides approximately 2 inches of additional clearance next to the intake manifold, allowing easier fitment of larger aftermarket intake manifolds without extensive modifications

  • Specifically designed for a clean and compatible installation with Rotrex superchargers, offering a streamlined look and the option to retain A/C functionality

  • The pulley kit offers extensive adjustability and accommodates various OEM applications and belt lengths

  • Can often be used with the existing belt, although exceptions may apply if additional accessories are deleted or if another aftermarket pulley setup is currently in use

  • CNC machined from lightweight and durable 6061 billet aluminum, ensuring strength and longevity

  • Side mount features Helicoil threading for easy and secure installation/removal without thread damage

  • Fitment is specific to the engine block, with the mount on K20 and K24 engines having slightly different bolt patterns

  • Please order the appropriate kit based on the engine block being used, as the existing side mount will be reused for mounting the new pulley kit

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