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PLM Power Driven H22 Tri Y Version 2 Header (4-2-1) FLEX for Honda Civic Acura Integra Prelude

Private Label Mfg

  • $359.95

PLM Power Driven H22 Tri Y Version 2 Header (4-2-1) FLEX Civic Integra Prelude

Private Label MFG Power Driven H-Series Tri-Y V2 Header(4-2-1) FLEX header features a true step up exhaust header design. The four-piece design header delivers low to mid range power while maximizing engine compartment space for this exhaust manifold. This New v2 header come with a Flex pipe and a 2.5 outlet. The header is ideal for all forms of competition; auto-cross, drag racing and road racing. Recommended for Preludes and swap cars with H-Series motors. Please note you will need a aftermarket front cross member or notch it off to fit preludes.

  • Brand New In Box
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • One year limited warranty
  • Short tube Tri-Y header
  • Machined CNC-ed manifold flange
  • 45mm Primaries and 2.5" outlet
  • Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick
  • 18G on the 304 S/S. Measured at .049" to .050"
  • Four piece design
  • Gasket is included
  • Handmade and TIG welded
  • Uses stock mounting (MOTOR) and oxygen sensor locations

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