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SouthBay 2200cc Fuel Injectors Set Bosch EV14 For Mitsubishi Evolution 7/ 8 / 9 DSM

South Bay

  • $625.00

SouthBay 2200cc Bosch EV14 Mitsubishi EVO 7,8,9, Eclipse, Talon Fuel Injectors

Comes with injector plugs, hats and new orings


2200cc Fuel Injectors. Bosch EV14 Fuel Injectors for Mitsubishi EVO 7,8,9, Eclipse, and Talon

 Optimized and flow matched dynamically to within ±1%. Full data sheet provided with each set.

-Direct Fit! 
-PNP wire adapters/Clips included.
-Black hats. 
-0.985 @ 14v 43.5 psi
-Compatible with all fuels
-Genuine Bosch

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